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Our Affiliates


Mo'sessories Boutique

Mo'sessories Boutique is a online boutique that specialize in women assessories that completes your look


Fleet DJ's

Fleet DJ's is a Work Wide DJ Coalition focused on creating Paths to success for it's members and also focusing on breaking artists


Next Level DJ's

Next Level DJ Coalition is the #1 DJ Coalition on Google, we are an organic peer 2 peer support network that is your bridge to the industry!



Ashtizer is a luxury hand sanitizer company that accommodates men and women. Ashtizer has seasonal scent changes for women. Last but not least Ashtizer will have your hands feeling right and smelling nice.

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Real Life Music LLC

Real Life Music, LLC is the label of authenticity. You can be assured when you see the RLM logo that the artist is established and a master of their craft. We are currently at over 60 labels , bringing you the Realeast Music Out. We collectively have millions of streams and a lot of accolades! Check out our roster!

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Anointed For Prosperity

Anointed For Prosperity Bookkeeping and More It is a full service accounting firm/tax service bureau. We assist businesses to establish and strong foundation and accomplish financial stability, we assist tax preparers both new and experienced to open successful tax businesses through the providing of software, bank products and support



MIX YOUR LIFE RIGHT LLC is a Movement with various services to suit your needs. CEO DJ Hot1ne is a Producer, Songwriter, DJ, Apparel Creator And many other ventures on the way.



Our mission is to elevate and uplift our very different, but equally important communities, and the beautiful people who build them. We seek to be the sole credible source for your entertainment, life topics,news, and your everyday inspirational rejuvenation, and your global platform of unmatched excellence and exposure for your local community, and those that exists worldwide. We promise to deliver quality, educated unbiased facts, and the real life images, as well as the real people who dedicate themselves to the everyday grind for success. No matter the entertainment category, or the topic of discussion, we seek the highest honor in delivery known to the entertainment industry. WE ARE HIGHLYFE MAGAZINE.

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