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Welcome to Hoosier Heat Radio, a popular station of choice for Indiana listeners. Our station is made up of talented individuals who work around the clock in order to bring you the greatest hits, best news stories, concerts, special events, and more. Tune in to Hoosier Heat Radio and start discovering all that we have to offer.

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This is the first of the new Chi VS Nap Mixtape serious featuring some of the hottest artist from Chicago IL and Indianapolis IN. Hosted By DJTY

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Artist Spotlight


“Most people mistake my hood for being somewhere in Cleveland, Ohio, because my name is Tony Cleveland. But my real name is Anthony Cleveland. I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana- 34th and Moller Rd to be exact, you smell me” 

Tony Cleveland is his cities definition of a "Hometown Hero". Much to his credit, Tony never hides from the man he is, or the man you think he is. Contrasting the bleak undertones that encompass the narrative of his personal history, his charitable activities have an illuminating effect that shines hope onto future generations. 

A blessing and a curse, Tony was convicted of grand theft auto and sentenced to juvenile at the age of 15. While there, Tony began writing poetry. Housed in an environment where virility is the dominant means to building political capital, Tony found wealth by digging deep into his soul and unearthing a golden opportunity. By projecting strength through expression of feelings, Tony's colorful illustration of leadership proved visible to even the most naked of eyes. 

The next few years saw Tony in and out, up and down, but never down and out. Chasing the bag was a double edge sword 

Confronted with the untimely loss of his most trusted friend Boss Hogg, Tony took a plunge towards rock bottom. However, Tony spit in the face of adversity and chose to honor the memory of his brother by unleashing a lion that only the most solid hog could feed. Tony came out hungry, ready to claim his throne as king of the jungle. 

Tony can be described as humble, charming, eager, defiant and many other words, but defining him is much more simple. Tony Cleveland is a man. 



DRT (Digital Radio Tracker)


HOOSIERHEATRADIO.COM is apart of the Fleet Radio Network stations and we are monitored by DigitalRadioTracker.com, also known as DRT. DRT is your leading global broadcast monitoring source that tracks radio airplay of songs in the US and worldwide on more than 5000+ radio stations.

DRT’s database logs every song that is played on all the radio stations DigitalRadioTracker.com monitors. Monitored radio stations include an array of Major FM Terrestrial, College, Commercial and Non-Commercial as well as thousands of streaming Internet radio stations. DigitalRadioTracker.com then compiles the data and produces a DRT Report which allows anyone to receive airplay detection information about a song.



The National Association of Digital Broadcasters (NAdB) was founded in 2009 to provide support, education and advocacy functions for Internet radio and streaming digital broadcasters and podcasters, including assignment and administration of call letters as a cataloging system for digital/streaming radio stations.

In addition to its mission as the leading advocate for digital broadcasters, the NAdB serves as the liaison to IRUC/DRuID Radio in order to provide a uniform system of assigning callsigns (call letters) to Internet-only radio stations in the United States.

While traditional over-the-air AM, FM, TV and Amateur stations are typically assigned call letters by their national authority (such as the Federal Communications Commission in the United States), no such catalog system existed for the tens of thousands of Internet-only stations.

Digital Radio Uniform Identifiers (DRuIDs) are assigned by a nonpartisan international administrative team upon the request of station owners. DRuID prefixes are pre-assigned to individual countries and regions under standards established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and adapted for the diverse Internet/Digital Radio community.

A DRuID is not a “license” — it’s simply a simple method for cataloging the tens of thousands of webcasting stations currently on the air, and the tens of thousands that are on the horizon.

Why Internet/Digital Radio Callsigns?

With the increased adoption of standalone Internet radio receivers, a standardized catalog system for allocating callsigns to Web radio stations has become a virtual requirement.

Consider the listener’s perspective: while a person tuning in to a standard FM radio can merely turn a dial, punch in a frequency or scan for local stations, the new breed of digital radio receivers can present a challenge.

With a Digital Radio Uniform Identifier (DRuID), your prospective listener only needs to enter a few letters into the radio’s search utility in order to tune in to your station.

It’s convenient for the listener, and opens up the potential for an unlimited international audience for your station!


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